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  1. Sorry, I do not speak romanian language. I worked for Jan de Lely. I think, it is NOT a "firma serioasa". When I started there, they told me, after 4-6 weeks I can go home for 1-2 weeks. But in 1 year I only had 3 weeks holidays and all the other time I had to stay in the Volvo. I only was in my home these 3 weeks and only 3 (!!) more nights in 1 year! And there were very few months, in which I got all the money, they should have to pay. If something is going wrong, they always say, that it is the fault of the driver and they take hundreds of Euros from the salary. Like for example if the client forgets a signature on some papers or if You have a broken tire. If You have ADR, they ask You, not to tell, when You go on a ferry. They also ask You to drive much much longer, then it is allowed and if You have to pay then money to the police, they do not give that back. Another example: You get loaded in Turkey for Holanda. In Romania they call You up and ask You, to destroy the turkish customs plomb and load something more. When You have to pay 250 Euros in Nadlak for the destroyed plomb, they do not give that back. I can tell many many more examples like that. They are rassists and very unfriendly to drivers without netherland passport. If anybody wants to know more about the illegal practice, You can write me to palmainfos@aol.com
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