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The Fenatran Show from Sao Paulo! The best of Brazilian trucks

It's a Cargo Jim...but not as we know it. Biglorryblog is indebted to Sabine Koestler, Gregor Soller and the fine folk at Trucker Magazine in Germany (check out their website via this link) for providing BLB with these pictures and the details from the recent Fenatran Truck Show in Sao Paulo Brazil where Ford is celebrating its 50th anniversary in the South American powerhouse. This massive Super Sleeper six-wheeler Ford Cargo will no doubt appeal to all those BLB readers who recently sent me Ford Cargo material.


You know, for a cab that's 20 years old (and then some) I reckon this looks pretty good, not least with the work that's gone into it. Smoother, more slippery. Yes I like this.

Well it's still a Cargo isn't it? Now click through here to see more exotic Brazilian wagons....

It's called an Agrale and I assume it's a local product. Perhaps BLB readers can tell me a bit more via a posting?

And here's another one. Cab looks a bit like the current Nissan CabStar.

At Fenatran Volkswagen Brazil showcased its latest new 370hp Titan Constellation tractor with an VW-labelled MWM-engine (MWM I'm told belongs to International-Navistar--they plan a 400hp-plus version for the future.) In the meantime there's still no definite news as to when or if we'll see the VW Titan Constellation in Europe---rumour was that it was to be this year, but we'll just have to wait and see. It's about time we had a new tractor in the market anyway!

VW Brazil also sells an updated version of the old G90 cab on its local middleweights---this one runs on bio-diesel...

Mercedes-Benz has major operation in the land of the Samba and this bonneted rigid is built for the local market. And last but not least here's a 50th anniversary Golden Oldie for all you classic Ford lovers.









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