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Following my recent blog on the long-awaited new 700hp+ Scania V8 which is due to break cover later this year - it's already been overtaken... By a V12 rated at, wait for it... 830hp! And I have my 'Wandering Cloggie' and all round crazshee guy Tim de Jong to thank for this world exclusive! "Hi Brian," he says. "Somewhere far away in The Netherlands I recently spotted these two secret Scania's. Volvo is up for 700hp now, so ther good folk at Södertälje have had to retaliate. And they have... And how!"

Tim continues: "Look at the way Scania has tried to disguise it's new 'BIG banger' in old 4-series cabs - but the drivers just couldn't resist show off their pride! And as your loyal spy is always keeping a keen eye out, it was fairly easy for me to catch them! Don't know where this horsepower race ends, but I do know that apart from Euro environmental requirements, power IS everything. No more drooling over a V8, this truck goes straight for the V12. I will soon record the sound of them for you. It must be pretty awesome, don't you think? Crayshee Dutch, anyone? Cheers, Tim."

Now click through here for more on the forthcoming V8... Though frankly I can't see why you'd be interested after Tim's scoop!

[img width=600 height=399]http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/6562/secretscania1.jpg

[img width=600 height=399]http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/4492/secretscania2.jpg


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