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Simboluri pe capota !


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Ce reprezinta literele "L" si "G" precum si cifra "3" aflate fiecare intrun cerc verde si se afla lipite pe capota camioanelor. Am vazut ca sunt fie, cate una, fie toate...  ???

aceste litere arata ca masina respectiva se incadreaza cel putin in clasa de poluare EURO 3 !

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Symbols & signs

They are often seen on the prototype and found on models more and more, but what do these symbols and signs you find on modern trucks actually mean ? 

Here is a short list:

  Sign Origin Meaning [img width=39 height=39]http://www.87thscale.info/images/Specials/Signs/A.gif Germany Waste transport with required permit. [img width=39 height=39]http://www.87thscale.info/images/Specials/Signs/D.gif Italy 'domenica', vehicle exempt from Sunday driving ban. a Italy 'alimentari', vehicle carrying foodstuffs. [img width=39 height=39]http://www.87thscale.info/images/Specials/Signs/E.gif Austria Trucks bearing this sign have been certified to carry a lower gross weight and are only allowed to carry this certified (lower) weight. [img width=39 height=39]http://www.87thscale.info/images/Specials/Signs/G.gif ? Low-noise vehicle [img width=39 height=39]http://www.87thscale.info/images/Specials/Signs/H.gif Austria Trucks bearing this sign have been certified to carry a lower gross weight but can also carry the weight they were originally certified for. (Trucks limited to 38t can also carry 40t if they have the 'H'-sign, 'E'-sign trucks can not). [img width=39 height=39]http://www.87thscale.info/images/Specials/Signs/K.gif Germany 'Kombi-Verkehr' (Combined transport like road-rail, road-ship, road-air). Vehicles carrying this sign are exempted from the German Sun - and holiday driving ban, maximum travelling distance is only 150km however.  [img width=39 height=39]http://www.87thscale.info/images/Specials/Signs/L.gif Austria Low-noise vehicle, exempted from the Austrian night driving ban. [img width=39 height=39]http://www.87thscale.info/images/Specials/Signs/R.gif Austria Trucks bearing this sign are allowed to use roads normally closed for trucks. [img width=39 height=39]http://www.87thscale.info/images/Specials/Signs/S.gif Austria Low emission vehicle. [img width=39 height=39]http://www.87thscale.info/images/Specials/Signs/S2.gif EU ? Super low emission vehicle (Euro 2). [img width=39 height=39]http://www.87thscale.info/images/Specials/Signs/U.gif Austria Low-Noise / low emission vehicle ('green lorry').
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