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Viata de sofer


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Am gasit un mic articol scris de o soferita in care abordeaza viata/profesia de sofer intr-un fel mai deosebit.

Wow....I see a couple good answers, but a bunch of answers from a bunch of people who clearly know nothing about truck driving and who think college is the be-all, end-all answer for everyone! Sheesh.....(I have a friend with a Masters Degree who is still waitressing in order to pay her bills...another friend in his 30's just now completing his PhD and still struggling to pay rent on an apartment- if you want to talk about college and good money...Money is not everything, and my friends love what they do....but don't act like a college degree is the best or only way to land a high paying job.)

And NO *company* makes you pay for your fuel, that's just stupid. Owner-operators are the only ones who pay for their own fuel...and at 21 just starting out, I highly doubt the asker is even thinking along those lines. All major companies issue their drivers a fuel card (Comdata, T-Chek, Fleet One, something like that)....and you simply swipe your fuel card and enter your trip information at the little kiosk at the fuel pumps.

To address the main question here....There IS good money to be made out here. It's not going to come at you right away (your first 2 yrs, you'll be lucky to bring in $35-40k....or right around $6-700 a week most of the time).....but if you truly ENJOY truck driving, and you're not afraid to step away from the "usual" dry-van hauling for the big carriers, and learn how to do something a bit more specialized (like car hauling, heavy haul flatbed, or driving for one of the stage show companies)....you will start seeing the money increase exponentially.

With experience comes better pay- even if you do NOT want the added work and risk that comes with specialized hauling, opportunities with companies like FedEx Freight and Wal-Mart, and several grocery store chains, can bring you upwards of 70k a year, not to mention more hometime and excellent benefits. You need 3-5 years of safe OTR driving to make it there, but it's there if you want to work for it.

I started driving a truck when I was 21....after spending 3 years in college for Ad/PR and deciding it was NOT FOR ME. Trucking is not a job, it is a lifestyle. Like anything, to really enjoy trucking, you have to LOVE it. You can't be in it just for the money, otherwise sooner or later, the "cons" will outweigh the "pros". I've always been a loner, a drifter, a traveler.....I've never liked being pinned down to a predictable routine. Even the things that make other drivers boiling mad (breakdowns, shipping/recieving delays, bad weather, etc)....don't usually even get me aggrevated. I just sort of take it and roll with it. My job rarely, if ever, feels like a "job"....it feels more like being at home, only the scenery out my front window changes every day :)

I also started out without any sort of "home life" holding me back. No husband, no kids....just me and my dog, together, alone out here on the road. I later met my husband as he drove for the same company I was with....naturally, we began driving together. Neither of us wants kids, or desires that whole "white picket fence in the suburbs" thing....we're out on the road sometimes 6 months at a time, and it doesn't faze us a bit...in fact, last time we went home it was for 11 days...and we were just about to go out of our minds with boredom and a need to get back behind the wheel. We bring home over 6 figures per year together and our average monthly expenses (bills and food/necessities total) barely tops 1,000.....do the math, then tell ME I should have gone to college??

Most of the "college graduates" I know right now are up to their ears with some stupid adjustible rate mortgage, two car payments, a monotonous 9 to 5 job and a boss who stands over their shoulder barking orders at them all day long. Trucking is NOT the job for everyone....I admit I am probably an oddity in that I just thrive on this lifestyle....but there can be a lot of good opportunities out here for the RIGHT PERSON....and it ticks me off when I see everyone start cramming 'college' down someone's throat without taking into account that persons' situation.


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