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Scania in North America and Canada


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'Björn in the USA!' More Scanias in North America and Canada on Biglorryblog thanks to Niels...


Biglorryblog regular Niels Jansen makes a welcome return and he says: "I was pleased to see a couple of US Scanias on BLB. In fact, I photographed some too during a trip in 1992.The three bonneted 113s were seen in Pennsylvania---note the typical American sleeper pod added onto this blue one." Now click through here for more.....


This 113 has the regular sleeper cab normally found on a European T-truck....coupled up to a typical US tandem-axle dry freight...


The Swedes sold rigids in the States as well as tractors...and not just in the states too.


Niels finishes: "The fourth picture, a 143 V8, was parked up on a road in an industrial lot in Mississauga, Ontario, in 2004. Hope this is of interest, regards Niels." Great stuff Niels and great to see these Yankee (and Canadian) Swedes!


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Guest Anonymous

  Foarte rare scaniile in america de N!In toate Statele unite exista doar 3 dealeri Scania si un singur dealer in Canada(in mississauga,Ontario,dar in Canada trebuie sa faci comanda,ti-o aduce dealerul din Europa, si tot el ti-o pregateste pentru piata americana ca sa poti s-o inmatriculezi dar la pretul la care ajunge toata distractia iti cumperi 2-3 camioane americane noi- noute!)

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