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Number 1 in tractors in Europe


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DAF Trucks breaks records in challenging 2009


DAF achieved record market shares in 2009 despite it being one of the most challenging years in the history of road transport and the truck industry. DAF achieved a 14.8% market share of the heavy class (above 15 tonnes) of the truck market in the European Union*). DAF secured a solid third place among the European truck manufacturers in terms of volume. In the tractor segment, DAF is the number 1 in the EU with a market share of 19.8%.


Only eight years ago, DAF was the smallest of the seven European truck builders in the heavy segment in terms of volume. Now, with a market share of 14.8%, DAF has achieved a strong third place in 2009 (2008: 14.2%). In the Netherlands, Great Britain, Portugal, Poland and Hungary, DAF is market leader. In Germany – the largest truck market in Europe – DAF has further strengthened its position as the largest import brand with a market share of 10.6%.

Last year in the 27 countries of the European Union (plus Norway and Switzerland), around 168,000 trucks were registered in the above-15 tonne class, a decline of almost 50% compared with the previous year, when around 330,000 trucks were registered. The difficult economic circumstances hit the tractor segment the hardest. In 2009, this segment accounted for 48% of the total number of registrations; in 2008 it was more than 56%.

In the tractor segment, DAF is the market leader in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Poland and the Czech Republic. In France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland and Hungary, record market shares have been achieved in this segment. Last year in the total European tractor segment (above 15 tonnes) DAF achieved a market share of almost 20%, making DAF the market leader in the European Union.

Growth in rigids

“Our success is the result of a modern product range, first-class service and a very professional dealer organisation”, says Ron Bonsen, member of the Board of Management of DAF Trucks N.V. and responsible for Marketing & Sales. “With a market share of almost 15% in the heavy segment in Europe, we are well on the way to our mid-term target of 20%. Naturally we will further strengthen our position in the tractor segment. However, growth will also be achieved in the non-articulated truck market sectors where our wide range of two, three and four axled rigids supplies the right vehicle for every transport application.


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