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Achizitionare Mercedes Actros MP3


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Salutare !


Sunt interesat sa achizitionez un mercedes Actros din 2010+ inclusiv, am auzit ca sunt cele mai bune masini. Dupa multe cautari m-am decis pe mercedes, nu Daf sau Volvo.

Vreau sa va intreb care e diferenta dintre BlueTec si BlueTecEEV ? Despre consum ce imi puteti spune?

M-am orientat spre urmatoarele mercedesuri LowLiner(Mega):

1. http://www.mobile.de/ro/Camion-semiremorc%C4%83/Mercedes-Benz-Actros-1844-LS-nRL-Megaspace/vhc:semitrailertruck,pgn:4,pgs:10,srt:mileage,sro:asc,mke:17200,mld:actros,frn:2010,prx:45000,dmg:false,vat:1/pg:vipsemitrailertruck/221593568.html

foarte frumoase, km putini, cabina e suficient de mare? 435Cp suficient ?

Mentionez ca am un buget maxim de 37000e.

2. http://www.mobile.de/ro/Camion-semiremorc%C4%83/Mercedes-Benz-Actros-2-3-MEGA-1844-EEV/vhc:semitrailertruck,pgn:4,pgs:10,srt:mileage,sro:asc,mke:17200,mld:actros,frn:2010,prx:45000,dmg:false,vat:1/pg:vipsemitrailertruck/219495367.html#

3. http://www.mobile.de/ro/Camion-semiremorc%C4%83/Mercedes-Benz-Actros-1844-LS-Megaspace-NRL/vhc:semitrailertruck,pgn:5,pgs:10,srt:mileage,sro:asc,mke:17200,mld:actros,frn:2010,prx:45000,dmg:false,vat:1/pg:vipsemitrailertruck/201886351.html#

e Mega?

4. http://www.mobile.de/ro/Camion-semiremorc%C4%83/Mercedes-Benz-Actros-1844-LS-nRL-Low-Liner/vhc:semitrailertruck,pgn:7,pgs:10,srt:mileage,sro:asc,mke:17200,mld:actros,frn:2010,prx:45000,dmg:false,vat:1/pg:vipsemitrailertruck/221406751.html


Ce imi propuneti EEV sau BlueTec? Astept raspunsuri! Va multumesc! 

PS: Marti voi pleca sa-mi cumpar .


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