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Scania and MAN to buddy up on component sharing


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They're at it again! No sooner does Biglorryblog go away for a quiet bit of road testing than Scania and MAN announce (again) that they're "Studying the potential for collaboration on component supply and pre-development." You know this has an all-too-familiar ring to it to me. If they've talked about component sharing once, they've talked about it three times to my knowledge. So will it stick this time?  Anyroadup according to the official blurb: "The companies are conducting feasibility studies regarding four strategic areas that are not brand-related." And what are those areas...well click through here to find out!

It seems those 'studies' cover the potential for:

Scania to adapt its manual gearbox for use in MAN trucks

Scania to use MAN's rear axle for heavy applications (36-40 tonnes) and its transfer cases in Scania trucks

Commodities without affecting brand identity

Scania and MAN to pursue joint research on hybrid components for heavy trucks and buses

The blurb continues: "Detailed evaluations to determine the potential for cost savings will be carried out in the course of further talks.Leif Östling, President and CEO of Scania, comments: 'After a preliminary analysis, we have concluded that with this kind of joint component supply there are potential synergies without jeopardising our strong brand identities and the individuality of our products. Both companies and all shareholders should profit from the collaboration.' Well I've heard that before too----i.e. the Germans and Swedes  chattering on about sharing synergy, potential lower cost bases yadda, yadda, yadda....And to add a final bit of spice the release ends: "A final collaboration agreement between Scania AB and MAN SE will be subject the approval of the Scania board of directors." Hmmmm....considering the Scania board's past voting record on buddying up to MAN I await the outcome with great interest....though what I do find interesting is the fact that the news comes from Sodertalje..rather than Munich...

And while I'm on the subject of news here's the bottom line figures from

Scania's Interim Report January-June 2010

​Operating income rose to SEK 5,632 m. (523) and earnings per share rose to SEK 4.75 (0.04)

Net sales increased by 23 percent to SEK 37,105 m. (30,288)

Cash flow amounted to SEK 5,993 m. (1,908) in Vehicles and Services

So just how much do they need to buddy up to the Germans I wonder?


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