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Din cate am inteles SCANIA va lansa un motor V8 de 16,4L si 700 hp

[img width=533 height=400]http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/9171/dsc05142.jpg

[img width=533 height=400]http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/6973/dsc05143m.jpg

[img width=533 height=400]http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/7566/dsc05144d.jpg

[img width=533 height=400]http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/5962/dsc05145a.jpg

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Well here it is... The new 16.4-litre Scania V8 which was launched last month at the Intermat 2009 Show, and just one of the new range of low-emission industrial engines from the Swedish truck maker that meets Stage IIB and Tier 4i regs. OK so it's not in a truck... Yet.

But the smart money (including Biglorryblog's own shiny new penny) is that we'll see this new monster vee-bomber launched in a Scania tractor before the Autumn is out, replacing the current Euro-4 15.6-litre V8 with its maximum 620hp rating along the way too. Meanwhile, looking at the spec of the industrial version shown above... It's pretty impressive. For starters, in industrial guise the latest Swedish vee-bomber is rated at 550, 650 and 700hp, shoving out 2,632, 28722 and 2938Nm of stump-pulling, throbby torque respectively too. Now click through here for more...

The industrial V8 uses technology that's bound to be found on the truck version including Scania's XPI comon-rail injection system which runs at up to 2400 bar injection pressure (developed in conjunction with Cummins), higher combustion pressures and SCR - all of which is bossed by Scania's own engine management software. According to the official Scania press release from INTERMAT delivery of the new DC16 industrial engines starts in September 2010. Which makes BLB wonder... If the big V8 is unveiled in a truck before the end of the year we can't see too many buyers wanting to wait too long before they get their hands on one! And the other question is will the good folks at Sodertalje leapfrog over the 700hp D16 used in the FH16.700 from 'the other lot' in Gothenburg? In short will the new, long-awaited Euro-5 V8 for trucks come in above 700hp?




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