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Market launch: new MAN V12-1800 diesel engine at 48th Genoa Boat Show

Coinciding with the start of the 48th International Boat Show in Genoa, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge is launching its new V12-1800 for yachts and pleasure crafts. This 12-cylinder V-engine extends the MAN product portfolio up to 1800 hp (1324 kW) in this sector. The V12-1800 can be seen at this year's boat show lasting from October 4 through 12.

    * Fascination pure – new MAN V12 generates 1800 hp for dynamic leisure-time boating

    * Innovative and future-oriented – expanded MAN engine range for yachts

MAN V12-1800 market launch

What more could it take to satisfy a boat-owner? Fascinating performance and the best of boating comfort. In the new V12-1800 MAN Nutzfahrzeuge presents a genuine power package. The top performing diesel in the MAN Nutzfahrzeuge ­engine range generates a maximum torque of 6020 Nm even at 1200 rpm and accelerates at an impressive pace. The 12-cylinder brings yachts into the planing phase fast, achieving high speeds in next to no time. Common Rail direct injection enables fuel injection at very high pressure, producing optimally smooth running and the pleasant ride comfort of this V12. Two-stage ­turbocharging­ also features in the engine's technology.

Compactly scaled at 2087 x 1153 x 1275 mm (L x W x H without gearbox), the V12-1800 leaves designers plenty of freedom and flexibility when planning their yachts. Weight is another advantage – in relation to performance the 12-cylinder at just 2365 kg weighs in at 1.31 kg per unit of horsepower. To achieve features like these, MAN's engineers further developed the V-series throughout, optimising engine components in the process. Cooling of the new V12 is by a plate heat exchanger, which allows flexible configuration of the cooling system. In addition to this the V12 comes with a space-saving and low-weight SAE1 flywheel housing. An advantage for engine installation by a boat builder is the modified exhaust system with a central gas outlet. All parts needing maintenance such as fuel and oil filters are arranged for ease of access. And the water pump is driven by a gear instead of a belt.

Turning to the engine proper, here too the designers have made interesting modifications. The V12-1800 generates a constant 1800 hp (1324 kW) between 2100 and 2350 rpm. The use of extremely high-strength materials, such as steel pistons, permits gas pressures up to 240 bar and ignition pressures up to 1600 bar. Here a bedplate concept is implemented in a yacht engine for the first time to create the extra strength. This bedplate replaces the single bearing caps of the crankshaft, and plays a major part in reinforcing the crank case and minimising noise emission. Second-generation Common Rail injection plus an optimally conceived combustion process mean high performance together with exemplary emission figures. The V12-1800 naturally complies with current international exhaust directives.

Innovative and future-oriented – MAN engine portfolio for yachts and pleasure craft

On show in Genoa in addition to the new V12-1800 is the tried and tested MAN R6-800 inline engine. This slim 6-cylinder unit produces 800 hp (588 kW) at 2300 rpm. It reaches its maximum torque of 2700 Nm at 1200 rpm. The wide-spanned useful range of rpm results in powerful acceleration. For rated output the economical 6-cylinder­ consumes just 158 litres/hour. Internationally specified emission figures are no problem for the innovative technology.­

For yachts and speedboats MAN offers eight powerful and compact diesel engines rated from 537 kW (730 hp) to 1324 kW (1800 hp). The engines are shipped ready for incorporation and are optimally designed for the particular application and its operating conditions. Following installation, MAN will undertake inspection plus acceptance and full first-time startup of an engine. A Gold Standard certificate for engine acceptance is an extra guarantee for the boat owner. All engines comply with ­international exhaust standards.




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