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MAN error codes appearing on display


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In order to help owners of Man i will try to interpret error codes appearing on display bord.In from experience I'll post some of the most frequently occurring codes:

EDC 00647 followed by a dash and various endings: 01, 10, 08, 31 = problems with the first injection, the sensor (usually ending in  08 - devaluation sensor

ZBR 00111 water-level probe halted

FFR 00647 -cooling fan clutch problems

FFR 00033 -clutch sensor transducer

EBS 03161 -ABS sensor front right

EBS 03171 right front brake wear sensor

For other codes, please post on the forum.

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Guest Anonymous


Nu stiu nimic despre camioane si nici nu intentionez sa aflu :) (explicatia: lucrez la IT) dar am fost rugat de shefi sa gasesc explicatia pentru cateva coduri de eroare ale unui camion MAN.

Am tot cautat codurile despre care se vorbeste in thread-ul asta. Ideea ca in afara exista contra cost o brosura cu toate codurile m-a pus pe ganduri... mi-a luat 3 minute sa o gasesc in format PDF (cred ca asta e..) M-am gandit sa ii dau share astfel incat cei care au nevoie si stiu engleza sa nu mai piarda vremea cautand...

O puteti accesa aici:

Spor la treaba !

[ataşament şters de admin din cauza vechimii]

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