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Volvo FE Hybrid


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Leading the way forward

It’s here. Volvo FE Hybrid, the first parallel hybrid from Volvo Trucks, designed for a total weight of up to 26 tonnes. The technique reduces fuel consumption and carbon

dioxide emissions by up to 30%. And it makes the truck much more silent. This is the ideal solution for distribution and waste disposal in urban areas.

Acting on environmental awareness is an advantage.

For your business, too?

Less carbon dioxide, less noise and reduced fuel consumption.

Never has environmental care been

more rewarding.


Save a lot of money on fuel

Reduced fuel consumption:

– Refuse transportation -20%,

with plug-in units up to -30%

– Distribution -15-20%

This will add to your company’s profitability and is proof of your environmental profile.

Energy efficiency reduces the environmental impact

Noise levels when accelerating and idling

are reduced by 50%.

Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by up to 30%. Emissions of particulates and nitrogen oxides are also reduced.

Full maintenance and repair contract

A Volvo Gold service contract is included. This provides you with full control over all your service costs as well as optimal conditions for trouble-free ownership.

No more unexpected costs.


Well proven and innovating

The system consists of Volvo’s proven

7-liter diesel engine and an I-Shift

transmission with automated gearshifting.

Between the engine and the gearbox is an electric motor. The two power sources work on the same prop shaft through the gearbox to the driving wheels.

The I-Shift gearbox takes care of gear shifting. As driver, you can enjoy the comfortable ride and concentrate enirely on the hectic urban traffic.


1. When starting from standstill, it is the electric motor (E/G) that drives, providing high torque from the start.

The I-Shift and the Powertrain Management Unit (I+PMU) automatically manage gear changing, engaging of the power sources and charging.

2. At higher speeds, the diesel engine (D) is started and both engines work in parallel.

3. When engine braking, the electric motor (E/G) works as a generator and delivers energy to the batteries (B). This is why the hybrid drive perfectly suits operations such as city distribution or refuse transportation at an average speed of 30 km/h with frequent braking.



The driveline

The driveline comprises a diesel engine (D), clutch, I-Shift gearbox (I) and the Motor Drive System, MDS (G). The MDS is a permanent magnet motor, that also functions as a generator.

The system also contains an energy converter (E) and batteries (B). The heart of the system is the Powertrain Management Unit (PMU). It controls the in and out connection of electrical power and the diesel engine, gear change strategies and charging.


300 hp 340 hp

Max power output at 2,300 r/min 221 kW 250 kW

Max torque at 1,200-1,800 r/min 1,160 Nm

Max torque at 1,200-1,700 r/min   1,300 Nm

Emission level                                       Euro 5

Number of cylinders                                           6

Displacement                                     7.2 dm3

Even power flow directly from the start.

1. Electric motor

2. Diesel engine

3. Hybrid mode

Volvo’s electric machine MDS

(Motor Drive System)

Start motor/electric drive engine/generator

Output/Torque: 120 kW/800 Nm.

Continuous: 70 kW/400 Nm.


600 V DC, Lithium-ion

Capacity: 120 kW, 1.2 kWh

(5 kWh total energy)

DC/DC voltage converter

600 V DC/24 V DC

600 V DC/340 V DC



I-Shift AT2412D. 12-speed with

direct top gear, splitter and rangechange

transmission with automatic

gearchanging system. Dimensioned for

engine torque of 2400 Nm and general

GCW approval for 44 tonnes.


Rear axle

Solo axle with hub reduction

(RS1370HV). Axle load max 13 tonnes.

For gross combination weights of up to

44 tonnes. Ratios: Choice of 5: 3.61,

3.76, 4.12, 4.55, 4.67.

Solo axle (RSS1344C). Axle load

max 13 tonnes. For gross combination

weights of up to 44 tonnes. Ratios:

Choice of 4: 3.08, 3.36, 3.61, 3.70.


The chassis is available in a choice

of three variants:






Comfort cab L2H1

Full air suspension.


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