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GPS Snooper s2000,second hand in stare foarte buna ,harta europa si UK

pret 170 Euro


Snooper S2000

UK & Europe

The professional's choice.

Multi-route planning, bluetooth handsfree technology, FREE TMC traffic information,  the best street level navigation from Navteq and Snooper's award winning  GPS speed camera location technology. Snooper S2000. The Professional's choice.


Think Differently

The all new Snooper S2000 satellite navigation system has been created to provide drivers with genuine benefits. Nothing has been left to chance and every feature has been designed to make driving on a daily basis easier for the professional driver.

Multi-route technology

Snooper sat nav systems have always been the most stylish available. But they don't only look good, they deLiver a performance to match.Take our new and unique Multi-route planning software. Multi-route allows you to calculate a single route around up to 10 different destinations just by adding the postcodes. No stopping and starting, struggling to find each and every address, simply your Full day's travel calculated and saved in just a few seconds.


TMC Traffic information technology - FREE of charge!

If you drive for a living you will know the importance of needing to know exactly what lies ahead. Accurate and reliable information is a must to ensure that you get to your appointments on time. Snooper's TMC information is provided by ITIS probably the best traffic information provider in the UK. Traffic information is fed from 100's of thousands of vehicles and sensors across the country providing up to the second information. It's reach and accuracy is far better than those systems that use fixed sensors only providing a considerably higher level of service.

Snooper S2000 TMC service will alert you to all traffic incidents across the country and lists them in distance order from your current position. As well as this overview however you can also choose to monitor traffic incidents that are specific to the route you have programmed on the system. And, if there is congestion on your route you can simply ask your S2000 to automatically find a route around it.


Bluetooth Handsfree Technology

Stay on the right side of the law. The S2000 Snooper is equipped with Bluetooth Handsfree Technology so that if you do have to take a call whilst you are on the move you can do so safely, with both hands still on the steering wheel. Also available as an optional extra is an extension microphone perfect for vehicles which generate a lot of background noise. The microphone can be installed permanently or temporarily and ensures that you will always be heard clearly. The microphone can be purchased seperately for £9.99 inc vat.

Compatible with most bluetooth enabled mobile phones. A list of mobile phones that are compatible with the Snooper S2000 can be found below.

Award winning Speed Camera location technology

Plus unlike most other Sat Nav systems you can update the S2000 speed camera database 24hrs a day 365 days a year. Snooper S2000 uses our unique Enigma database which is updated daily, so the second a new camera is added you can download it, because anything less than 100% cover is just not an option. Snooper S2000 gets you effortlessly from A to B whilst ensuring that you get there with your license intact.

Provides advanced warning of:-

    Gatso & Truvelo Cameras


    MCS (Multi Camera System) “The Daddy”


    SPECs average speed

    Roadwork cameras

    DS 2

    Accident Hotspots

    High Risk Zones

    Mobile Laser

    Mobile Safety Vans

    Temporary Gatso

    Truvelo Cameras

    Congestion Charge Cameras

    Digital Cameras

    Schools (optional)


Up to the second updates.

Syrius uses Snooper's Enigma database ensuring that you have the most up to date speed camera data available. Whilst many ordinary sat-nav systems 'with cameras' provide you updates every 3 or 4 months, our dedicated camera data collection team update Enigma daily so the second a camera is added you can download it.



Advanced street level Mapping                       

Recognised as the industry leader in digital street level Mapping,Syrius uses Navteq data. Ensuring you are taken seamlessly from A  to B on the best possible route 7 digit postcode search. To ensure the most accurate postcode search available Syrius Plus uses Ordnance Survey. The most comprehensive of it's kind.

Extensive list of Points of interest!

Hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, speed cameras, golf courses, cash machines, airports, train stations, shops plus many more. Go straight to your destination at the touch of a button.

Built-in MP3 player

Snooper S2000 comes complete with a built-in MP3 player. Now you can navigate to your destination whilst listening to you favourite music at the same time. The S2000 comes with a headphone socket so you can plug in headphones, but it is also possible to plug in an FM transmitter (not included) enabling you to transmit both the navigation instructions and your music through your vehicles car stereo.


Snooper Services subscription payments

Special Offer!

One up-front payment of just £99.95 inc vat

Pay one payment of just £99.95 inc VAT by credit card, debit card or cheque and receive speed camera downloads for the life of the product. Please note this is non-transferable

TMC traffic information technology

Multi-route planner

Bluetooth handsfree

MP3 player

Handsfree microphone (optional)

4.3" Full colour LCD touch display

3D Direction indicators

Built-in SIRF III GPS antenna

Turn by turn voice instructions

Built-in rechargeable battery

'One touch' Home & Office route planner

2D & 3D map views

A choice of different screen colours

Extensive list of Points of Interest




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