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Sherpa !!!


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Este copia europeana a Humvee-ul american ;)

Renault Sherpa, rivalul francez pentru Hummer H1

Renault a dezvoltat Sherpa, un vehicul militar in doua variante de caroserie, capabil sa rivalizeze cu Humvee.

Renault a dezvoltat primul vehicul militar francez capabil sa rivalizeze cu celebrul Humvee. Botezat Sherpa, modelul militar este un off-road-er pur care, spre deosebire de rivalul sau american, nu a ajuns sa fie disponibil pentru publicul larg.

Renault ofera doua versiuni ale modelului Sherpa, una care poate transporta patru pasageri si o incarcatura de doua pana la trei tone si un pick-up care ofera spatiu pentru doi pasageri si o capacitate de incarcare de pana la 4.1 tone.

Pentru a propulsa un asemenea model, Renault a decis sa recurga la ajutorul unui motor diesel cu patru cilindri, supraalimentat, care ofera 215 cai putere la 2300 de turatii. Performantele pe sosea nu sunt deloc impresionante (viteza maxima de 120 km/h), ceea ce conteaza de fapt fiind insa consumul foarte mic de carburant.

Sherpa poate parcurge pana la 900 de kilometri cu o viteza de croaziera de 70 km/h. Renault afirma de asemenea ca motoarele care echipeaza ambele versiuni Sherpa respecta normele de poluare Euro 4.

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Still no prices yet, but the Sherpa can be ordered now through Renault Trucks if you are interested. So here’s some more specs for the all-conquering dune-slayer. The Renault Sherpa 4x4 was initially offered as a military vehicle only designed to ‘carry significant payload over sand, stones and mud’.Available now for ‘civilian applications’ on a built-to-order basis.It’s powered by a diesel engine with 215bhp and 590lb ft of torque through a six-speed automatic transmission.Features an on-board tire deflation/inflation system controlled by the driver.The ground clearance is 630mm. It’s 5.3m long, 2.35m wide and 2.3m high and has an approach angle of 60 degrees.There’s ABS, four-wheel disc brakes, and four seats with race harnesses – plus, of course a full roll cage.

CAR Middle East has been a passenger in the Sherpa during a recent test in the dunes near Bab Al Shams in Dubai. And we can vouch for the vehicles incredible off-road abilities and gutsy torque – see the video, that really is the sherp pulling out a completely beached full-sized racing lorry.

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